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US and UK Financial Terms

Terms used in the US and UK for similar financial concepts

Accounting period Fiscal period
Accounting year Fiscal year
Affiliated company Associated company
Amortization Amortisation
Amortized Amortised
Annual General Meeting (AGM) Annual Stockholders Meeting
Articles of Association Bylaws
Authorised share capital Authorized capital stock
Bad debt Uncollectible
Barometer stock Bellwether stock
Base rate Prime rate
Bills payable Notes payable
Bills receivable Notes receivable
Bonus issue Stock dividend
Bonus share Stock dividend
Book value Carrying value
Bridging loan Bridge loan
Building society Savings and loan association (S & L)
Capital Owner's equity
Capitalization Capitalisation
Capitalize Capitalise
Cash machine Automated teller machine (ATM)
Chartered accountant Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Cheque Check
Closing stock Closing inventory
Company Corporation
Credit note Credit memo
Creditors Accounts payable
Current account Checking account
Debtors Accounts receivable
Gearing Leverage
Gilts Treasury bonds
Gild-edged share Blue chip stock
Goods Merchandise
Gross profit Gross income
Hire purchase Instalment plan
Income Revenue
Investment trust Closed-end investment company
Labour Labor
Memorandum of association Articles of incorporation
Merchant bank Investment bank
Net profit Net income
Notes Bills
Opening stock Opening inventory
Operational gearing Operational leverage
Ordinary share Common stock
Overheads Overhead
Paid-up capital Paid-in capital
Preference shares Preferred stock
Profit and loss account Income statement
Profit and loss appropriation a/c Retained earnings statement
Property Real estate
Provision for bad debts Allowance for bad debts
Purchases on credit Purchases on account
Quoted company Listed company
Realized  Realised 
Recognized Recognised
Remuneration (compensation) Pay
Reserve Provision
Retail price index Consumer price index
Retained earnings Retained profits
Share Stock
Share option Stock option
Share premium Paid-in surplus
Shareholder Stockholder
Shareholders’ equity Stockholders’ equity
Shareholders’ equity Capital stock
Solicitor Lawyer
Stock Inventory
Stock options Share options
Stock warrant Share warrant
Stockholder Shareholder
Trade creditors Accounts payable
Trade union Labor union
Turnover Sales revenue (Revenue)
Unit trust Mutual fund (open-end investment company; OEIC)
Visible trade Merchandise trade