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Welcome to the LinguaFinĀ® website

LinguaFin® is a multilingual financial termbase. It has been developed by LinguaBase Ltd. using it’s proprietary Termlator technology. It has terminology in 9 languages covering more than 20 financial domain areas. It is nuanced to include language variations (Simplified and Traditional Chinese; European and Brazilian Portuguese, European and Canadian French). For a detailed presentation on the product see ‘About Us’ above.

Is the LinguaFin® website look-up option the one for me?

The website look-up option for LinguaFin® is more appropriate for occasional look-ups or where the user does not have Trados Studio translation software. If you use Trados Studio, you should be aware that using LinguaFin® via Studio will ensure that you get maximum benefit from it. You can download the plugin and take a Free Trial with Trados Studio here

How to take a Free Trial

Step 1.  Register. You cannot translate unless you are registered.

Step 2.  Log in and go to 'Free Trial'.

Step 3.  Select language pair you wish to translate from and to.

Step 4.  Type/paste in term you wish to translate. Begin to backspace once you have typed in the  term. Window will open and show all terms which include some or all of the term you wish to translate. If there is no match, window will not open.

Step 5.  Select the term and hit Translate button. You now have the translation.

If you want to translate a second term, delete the existing term IN FULL and begin typing/pasting in the new term name as above. This should give you the quickest response.